We all have garbage filters in our homes. It’s a very common problem. People often forget to clean the filters because they think they’re still clean. Actually that’s true but not all filters are actually filters and this is one the exceptions. This is the Coral Reef stainless-steel garbage can from Michael Aram, one of the most luxurious companies. The product is 100% stainless steel and features a contemporary design.

The Trash Can is the perfect storage solution for small spaces. It features a pulley system and sliding doors that can be manually or automatically. This way you can squeeze tons of debris from inside and help save trash. The system is designed to allow you to store the trash can under the bench. Not only that, but the same system also includes a trash valve. When you’re done with the trash container, just push it back into the trash can. The same system is also available without a trash valve. The Trash Can is made of extremely durable ABS plastic and it resists corrosion and moisture. Furthermore, the sliding doors are all plastic and they are scratch-resistant and water-resistant.

The Trash Can is great for any type of yard. It’s easy to install and it’s also suitable for both big and small spaces. The cabinet is made of strong glass and sturdy black doors with frameless glass panels. The cabinet also features electric curtain locks and has a safetylock mechanism. The overall dimensions of the Trash Can are 29.33? H x 31.5? W x 15.5? D and the interior in 7.87’’ H x 31.5? W x 15.5? D. You can buy the trash can for EUR 61.82.