I have to admit that I would never have imagined that someone would design an office like this. In fact, I was very curious to see how it looks like. It has a simple and modern interior design and, although it may not have that glamour that often inspires you, in exchange, this apartment will allow you to relax and to forget about all the problems.

In order to be able to do that, the designer of this apartment did not only paint the walls and ceiling in matching colors but he also strategically placed the furniture. This way a smooth transition was created and the space seemed whole new. The décor chosen is stylish and elegant and the overall look is very functional and practical. The space was used effectively and the result was the elegant and stylish home the owners wanted.

The apartment was intended to be an office of a fashion industry which was located on the ground floor of a traditional building. The space was quite small but it incorporated all the functions necessary in the room. In that room you can find the desk, the chairs, the dark wood floor, the storage area, the TV, the library and a beautiful flower box. The floral boxes hold many beautiful flowers and are a great way of creating a simple and chic interior décor for the room.

The modern dining room is separated from the living room by transparent glass doors. It has two small windows from floor to ceiling and it’s a simple but not transparent design. The kitchen is large and it has an island where people can eat. There are also additional seats and tables. The living room is more casual. A small coffee table sits in a corner and is complemented by two sofas facing each other. A simple white chair sits in the corner.

The master bedroom is spacious and with plenty of storage spaces. The walls are white and so is the ceiling. There’s also a glass wall that connects to the balcony. On the same level there’s also an open closet. The whole apartment is very bright and airy, a detail that makes a home inviting.