Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Creative Bookends By Ben Hubert

Designer Ben Hubert really loves bookshelves. He collects them and he really loves them. He developed this passion for books and, as a result, he created some really nice series of bookends. These are four different models that share similar […]

Floating Sinks – A New Trend

You might have noticed that floating sinks are more and more popular these days. They are a very nice addition to the bathroom and they are loved by everyone. The reason for that is that they have a modern look […]

Fall Bedroom Furniture From Mina

The idea from the name of the book is that all the rooms have to communicate something to each other, to the other people using the facilities, whether it is a telephone, a radio, a video or any other communication […]

Diy Space Divider By Tim Stet

It’s already summer and it’s hot and humid outside so you must consider making some moves if you don’t want to be stuck at home all the time. One of the simplest solutions would be to find a very simple, […]