Perched above the outdoor pool in your backyard, a pierced glass door can offer a unique feeling. It’s all about the design. You want it to impress as much as possible so any type of door is ok if you want the focus to be on the color, shape or material. The colors also matter.

1. Black paint it’s beautiful.

If you want something simple with no dramatic surprises, then black is the perfect choice. In fact, any color can be beautiful. However, black is a great color for the exterior doors because it reflects the light and the surroundings and it makes the room feel intimate and cozy.

Painting Exterior Doors: Tips And Suggestions Photo 3

2. Forests and houses.

Houses are often built around trees. This makes them even more interesting. It’s a strategy that allows you to feature the beautiful views and the landscape surrounding you so if you want to be able to enjoy them from inside the house, a wrought iron door is a very good option.

3. Metal framed doors.

The metal frame doors feature a beautifully machined surface. They feature sharp, clean lines and a glossy finish which contrasts with the front of the door but, at the same time, allows it to integrate beautifully into the whole décor of the house.

4. Stone fences and dams.

Stone is very popular in many farmhouses and houses, not just in rustic settings but also in more modern ones. A stone fence can offer beautiful views and it’s a nice way of maintaining the décor of the house without using paint or curtains.

5. Large artworks.

The wall décor is also a great source of color for the exterior of the house. You can create wall art by installing large, oversized artwork on the walls. It can be a very nice way of refreshing the atmosphere and a way of personalizing the home.

6. Colorful doors.

Leave the yellow as an accent color. It can be a beautiful color for the front door and it can further help establish a cohesive décor for the entire house. And if a bold color is not your favorite shade, use blues, greens or other colors in similar shades.

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