A perfect home for the summer holidays, this stunning farmhouse look house designed by Nathan Kirkland is an architectural gem. The contemporary home’s unique shape comes as a response to the regional climate. It offers beautiful views of two lakes and is surrounded by amazing rolling hills. The house is located on the Elgin Peninsula where the high-maintenance local hills and rivers meet.

The Elgin Peninsula is located just off the west coast of Vancouver Island and on the east bank of the Pacific Ocean. An area of rugged forest and rocky clearings, with rocky clearings from manmade structures, this setting is unique. The steep site sides were designed to fit naturally to the uneven topography. The house is located at the highest point of the land, to take advantage of the views of both the lakes and the Pacific Ocean.

Farmhouse Look House Photo 2

The house was designed for a family of four with two master bedrooms and two guest suites. It is a single-level structure with a beautiful minimalist black and white interior design. The outer wood panels were left unfinished, as a way of reflecting the history of the place. The roofs are low and look like solid stump of wood, which increases the idea of the island’s prehistoric origins.

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The living room is a place where the old meets the modern, in shades of wood and simplicity in terms of furnishings. Surrounded by green and black shades, it is a place to enjoy the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. It is the place for which the seasons come together and for which nature speaks.

The swimming pool is another place where we can enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Thanks to the uneven topography, a sloping path makes it look like a beach and makes it not only a beautiful place, but also a relaxing oasis where we can spend moments of relaxation between the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the water.

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