This bedroom is part of a master bedroom diffunde, designed by Victory Architecture. The whole place is very well planned and bright and airy, that makes the bedroom feel intimate but also very warm. It’s a simple but elegant room, with a slightly traditional touch based on colors and materials.

The bedroom is very spacious and also very airy and bright. It has a large closet above the bed and an overall modern and elegant interior décor. The closet/closet houses most of the items that the bedroom requires and it’s a practical feature, a second layer that helps getting everything inside the bedroom without making it feel less airy and spacious.

The rest of the room is decorated with artwork from Pablo’s collection. One of the most important pieces is the big hanging lamp from the bedroom side. It’s also a nice architectural detail that gives the room character. There’s a transition between the bedroom and the living room area, a very smooth transition that creates a continuous design.

Modern Victorian Bedroom Design Photo 3

The rest of the room is also decorated with black and white elements. The wallpaper from the bedroom covers most of the wall, the bed is modern and the whole room is very bright and fresh. The big windows are also a very clever element. They allow for natural sunlight to get in but they don’t allow it to invade the bedroom.{found on micasarevista}.