The Japanese firm Keikichi Ogawa & Associates has completed the Garden’s Garden project in 2010.

This 1,510 square foot two story residence is located in Nagano, Japan.

Garden in Nagano by Keikichi Ogawa & Associates:

“If you observe the lot, you can see the garden which exists without any boundaries. The exterior and the roof of the house cut off from the public space near the building to let nature in at every angle.

Living room in the building has direct contact with the outside by opening and closing the upper storey door, and by having windows in the opposite direction, it makes space for different ways to live together as a family.

The room size is too small for the children to play in, so it is designed so that everyone can see each other. By having the glass door from the living room, the children can get in and out very easily.

The garden is made by digging a small hole, which is the talking point of the house.? Here we can see the remaining mastic and plaster and the natural ventilation, which brings out the scent of the fresh air.

At this site, the building was torn down and another “living” space was cut out. In order to solve the problem of inadequate ventilation, a new ventilated wall system has been put in place.

With this, a new and improved space has been added. The garden and the living room are now connected both horizontally and vertically by the use of the wooden roof.

The ventilated wall system has also just served to protect the house from some hot unequal winds. Another place of the house which has not been changed is the parking space beside the main entrance.

Since the construction of the house was begun, the laying of the slabs, required by the building codes of the area, has been completed. Most of the slabs have been built by this process. (found on archdaily)

Photos by: Daisuke Matsumoto