I don’t know about you but I enjoy sleeping in bed a lot. It’s relaxing and it offers you the perfect opportunity to be new and to forget about all the problems. In these cases it’s actually preferable to lie in bed, as a relaxed position allows you to better connect to the surroundings. Lulu and Georgia, two talented designers, have created a collection of teen bed comforters that try to get us closer to the essence of relaxation.

It’s not called “Teen Bedding” for nothing. Teenagers really like to lie down as they need to relax and clear their mind. This means that the bed needs to be a very comfortable design and suitable for the size and shape of the bed (at least according to the shape critics guidelines). The collection includes everything from quilts to bed linens, from pillows to rugs and even bed bases and footstools. They all have this precious space beneath a comforter or duvet, and usually that space comes in the form of a duvet. Unfortunately,” bed linens” aren’t usually very comfortable or durable so I highly recommend this bed linens collection instead of bed covers.