It’s true that more and more people are choosing to decorate their homes with vintage items. I guess it’s good for the home and it encourages you to bring back beautiful items that make your home cozy and warm, but sometimes we need to retreat somewhere in the wardrobes where we can find those special touches that make our homes personal and beautiful.

So just take a look around, go from antique to modern and you’ll find some things to use in your home. For example, a beautiful piano would make a wonderful room-specific decoration. If you have the space, you can also add that piano into your bathroom. The Savoy piano frame would also make a great addition to the kitchen or living room.

Other specific items that could work well in such a décor would be a leather sofa. This mutli-sturdy piece would look wonderful in the living room, especially if the rest of the walls are decorated with colorful artwork. The sofa could also be a great addition to the office. It’s one of those elements that can be easily hidden in the décor and that work great on open and flat walls.

You can use your sofa to face the living room, where you want to spend time together while watching a movie or you simply want to relax on the sofa. The sofa would be a smart addition to any home. It would make the room feel warm and it would also be a practical storage area.

The kitchen could use a sofa. This is an especially useful piece of furniture, especially during the cold winter days when the kitchen becomes one of the most important areas of the house. It would be perfect for the kitchen when you also have a fireplace to keep the cold air out and it would be a great background to the kitchen design when it’s cold outside and you want to make an image.

Another interesting idea would be to opt for a hammock. It would be an unconventional piece of furniture but it would make a great decoration for the living room or bedroom. An interesting idea would also be to have a bench made from hollow blocks of wood. It would be an unconventional way of making your living room feel more intimate and it would also be a simple way of creating an original décor.

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