The pendant lamp kits (not the hanging or ceiling-mounted ones) are the latest designs by Anjos Papas. They are perfect for creating custom designs using an exclusive Amber Glass Black varnish, available in fabulous colors such as: green, purple, red, violet, brown or black.The kit includes five 9’C beer bottles turned into 35 5/8?Dime/Tin bottles, two 3”H x 30 1/2?W lighting kits, four 15?W power strips for wall mounting, 10 Black and 20 Clear Christmas lights, the Eros Glass Drip Bowl and the faux wood Andhra Glass Door, the Eros Glass Star and the faux wood Andhra Glass Star Light, all from the same wonderful Christmas collection.

The pendant lamps are a perfect way to decorate your home during the Christmas season. They are elegant and stylish and they will beautifully complement your existing décor. The idea of using so many light bulbs is unusual and very original. No matter what color you might choose as you decorate your home, the pendant lamp will be a new face for your home and you will feel like your home were always just a mirror.

Pendant Lamp Kit By Anjos Papas Photo 2