You may think it’s funny to see pee in the pool – it’s so much funnier and less annoying to do you say that. But pee pepers have a very original function. They were originally designed to be used for decoration or water drainage, which may come a bit confusing to those curious enough to see and experience it. But pee pepers can be extremely versatile and they can be very easily incorporated into almost any type of bathroom interior, from bedrooms to open spaces, skylights and even cutlery storage spaces.

Alex Lich designed the pee pep design for a sneaker shop located in Austin, Texas.It was a deeper rooted renovation than the usual toilet or bathroom design. But the designer managed to create a very interesting and unique space that features a pee pep shape that resembles one of the peaks of a hill.

Tee Pee Design By Alex Lich Photo 2

The idea was very original. At first it had a festive look and it was quite colorful. The pep marks had been painted white and it looks beautiful in combination with the green color of the plants. And because it’s bright and happy, the pee pep was not chosen exactly in this case. It was some dark brown pep that was probably orange.

Since it was a rainy day outside, the whole place was dark. So the designer covered the windows and the doors with brown micro-folding paper for a more modern and unusual look. It was an unusual choice but the effect is very beautiful. They looked great against the brown of the wood and the effect is beautiful.