An apartment or a terrace, whether it’s a temporary living space or permanent home, doesn’t need to have any special tables or cushions. These pieces are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Most often, they are used as end tables or accent pieces and they are a great way of adding some color and a unique look to the décor. They are also a great piece of furniture for areas such as the living room but they can also be adapted for other spaces as well.

For the apartment or for the terrace, the “invisible” tables that can be potted are a great idea. They don’t necessarily have to be large in order to be used for that purpose. Two small tables with drawers are usually enough. They can be used as coffee tables or end tables and there are also other designs that allow the placement of the drawers. This allows you to store something or to hide something.

The shape and size of the table depend on the space and the function that you want to give to the table. In the living room, small tables are useful for the guests and family room where you can store books or for the necessities in the kitchen or home office. Tall tables are ideal for the dining room. The tables are also great for the hallways. They are easy to reach and to store. Moreover, they can also be adapted for other spaces, for example the bathroom where a small tables with drawers would be perfect.