This is a very creative design. It’s an underground sleep pod called “Strombolaget”, the first one of its kind in Australia. The pod is economically designed and it can be manufactured locally to reduce the cost of raw materials. The materials it is made of include PVC material, polypropylene foam, stainless steel piping, 3 steel panels measuring 80x80mm (23x23in) and glass.

The design of this sleep pod is very original and unique. The shape of the pod is very curved and this is very visible from the inside. The hood is made of ductal. It’s a very eye-catching detail. The other similar detail is the fact that you can download the pod on and it’s available in black, red, blue or green. Be careful not to cut any wires with the pod.

Any way, the pod can be very useful and it can be a very practical addition to the garden or any other outdoor space. the best thing about it is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.