This particular ceiling treatment seemed to be a totally original idea. It’s one of those things that’s original to the room but that doesn’t really interact with the rest of the décor in a positive way. In fact, the ceiling seems to be less important than the rest of the décor in this room.

This subject has been explored on several occasions. Visiting the hotel is a great experience, relaxing in a warm and homey environment and you feel closer to nature and the outdoor even when you’re inside the room. But the atmosphere inside is not that pleasant when you look out the window. It’s why it’s great for those that want to personalize their environment. For them it’s difficult to find the perfect balance.

False Ceiling Idea By Stileairl Architekten Photo 2

This project features a very interesting ceiling treatment. It was created using a floor-to-ceiling device and it’s a very ingenious way of covering up an already exposed ceiling. In this case the room has a large window and covered it with a complex patterned design. It’s a very interesting idea that allowed the owner to create a more dynamic and striking décor.

The room still seems bare but it’s because the roof was painted white and all that’s left is a very small skylight that takes the place of the window. The ceiling and the window and the two walls have been painted white in order to create the impression of a bigger space and to create a more airy atmosphere. The rest of the décor is minimalist.{found on designboom}