Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Mirrored Entry Cabinet From Naula

Would you want to travel but to be afraid of the sun? Well, this mirror entry cabinet may just be the perfect secret for you. This cabinet is placed inside your house’s foyer area but also includes a great deal […]

Cool Home Office Designs From Netherlands

Completed in 2012, Dutch studio i29 architects have designed this unique home office. It is located in a historic building from Noord-Beveland in the Netherlands. Home Office by i29 architects: “This commission was the first instance in which an architect’s […]

Modern Japanese Apartment With Mirror Wall

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this apartment has a modern exterior, with mirror walls and glass ceilings. It’s a 51 square meter apartment composed of a Family room/living room, a Master bedroom, and two Dormers. It was designed by Shinichi Ogawa […]

Yard Statue Decoration

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard and you like taking advantage of it, you’re probably familiar with all the spring flowers and other decorations. They make wonderful decorations for the garden and they can also be used outdoors. […]