We all need a bit of relaxation from time to time, and socialization with friends is something to look forward to. It may sound like a pretty new concept, but the teens are definitely not the ideal social setting, so why not make fun things fun? From pillows to their own Dungeons and Dragons, let there be some fantasy and fun décor to keep them occupied.


Let’s start with this charming bedroom. Not only is there a huge TV in the room, but it’s also embedded in the southern wall covering. During the day, or when needed, just push them aside. During the night, make them part of your story as well by installing a alarm clock or two.


Paint the room black. This painted wall follows the dictates of the sleek Scandinavian style. Meanwhile, the book covers are randomly arranged, give the room a sense of spontaneity and face the blank black backdrop.


Keeping something fun going on in the kids’ bedroom makes for a much more creative place to be late than relaxing on your couch. This unique playground looks like a sea ship or a steamed ship, with it’s colorful wall that looks like it’s dipping in waves, and the cozy bed that looks like it’s rocking in the waves.


Most of us are probably well aware of the aforementioned sprinkles of yellow, but that doesn’t mean you need to let your kids hang out in the dirt with you. Bring some greenery into your teens’ room for them to really perk up their private space. Whether that’s a green thumb or some other sort of unique feature, it’s sure to maximize the relaxation and rejuvenation.


Wear it all! While you’re responsible for 75% of the environmental damage caused by flying insects and mosquitoes, you’re responsible for the 90% of the fun outdoor space you’ll be able to enjoy. Go for something that will capture the attention of your kids (and you) as well! Match a hammock to your plant’s red-flooded exterior. Hang a birdhouse or two and you’ll have a space that will be enjoyed through and play all summer long.

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