Kids are never alone in the house. However, they become students of the ­? and start their weekends at work. So the parents need to find everything to take care of – like the kids beds, for example. And if you need a lot of storage space for your kids, you should consider the creative kids beds by Javi Petri. They are eye catching and really cute, perfect for the kids beds. The word ball hanging from the ceiling and also the bed- sitting on top of them.

Kids, thanks to their playful and funny character, need a space where they can play, study, sing, or talk or how they can be better or better at school. That’s why the Javi Petri kids beds become the perfect place for them. The beds are very well designed and the kids love them. The main feature of the beds is the fact that is looks like a deck wagon and kids love that. Kids need to sleep and play well, so the design is best like this one. The kids beds are round and square, in the shape of a tree and this gives them a cool design.