School may be more difficult than usual but all the activities that involve school kids consume a lot of energy and if they continue their education then they will be able to develop their imagination and taste. I know a girl who loves DIY projects and who takes her old clothes to the tailor and airs them in order to obtain beautiful and natural costumes. A home must be a refuge where she can do whatever she wants, let her imagination run wild and let her climb to the world’s tallest building , the rainbow headquarters of world.

Perhaps this is the reason why it is named the “Halloween Spider”, as this was the name of her nursery dresser. Well, spiders have been among the most popular female creatures among all animals, not just only children, but all women. They are very valued because they take clean clothes and perfect a shoe and they also take less space, which is great for a small apartment. This DIY project shows you how to make a spider dresser for your hallway.

The materials that you need for this project are: a pair of adult-size rubber gloves, creative tape or stain-resistant paper, scissors, a pair of scissors, duct tape, a glue gun, food-safe marker, scrap paper and a pencil.The process is really simple but you need a lot of attention and patience. Once you have gotten the idea how you want to reproduce this “shape” you can start working.

Take the set of photos that you love and choose the style that you want for your hallway. Then cut some pictures that you want to recreate with the scissors. Then use the glue gun to attach each photo to the piece of paper that will be your “window.”

Put a strip of rubber gloves on each photo and mount them on the wall. You will have to print the photos in CD format, in pixelated format and then, print the window frame. You can use a pencil to draw the outlines of the frames and then use a ruler to draw the outlines.

Now let’s see how you can decorate the wall in order to turn this stunning hallway into a beautiful “home”. The first step is to paint the walls. Choose the color of your choice and then start giving your hallway to decorate. The first step will be painting the walls.

This will create a random and wonderful look where you can see your handiwork. It will also make your hallway look tidier because you know the what you like and what you don’t like. If you have some talents besides the walls, maybe the ceiling as well.{found on ninemsn}.