A very simple and yet very ingenious idea is to give your bunk beds a makeover and to upcycle the used pieces and to turn them into something new and functional that would suit your bedroom perfectly. This double twin bed is the perfect example that you should start with. You’re probably wondering how exactly you’re going to fabricate the beds and bed frames. Well, look at you s/home. Cut the headboard (you can use an old book) and put it on the beds. You’ll be able to use as you want. You can also upholster the headboard for more comfort.

Basically you just have to cut a piece of fabric and to machine cut a long piece. After that, cut a piece that will wrap around the bed and secure it with a large upholstery needle. You can choose a decorative fabric or something cozy for the nursery. Then use fabric paint and a paintbrush to make the beds. You can choose from a variety of designs, including one with star feet.{found on bhg}