There are lots of beautiful living rooms out there but the natural light is usually the one that illuminates the room. It’s why the living room is a room must-have. This beautiful living room designed by Verner Panton has a minimalist fireplace which fits perfectly in the décor.

The fireplace is very simple and features a very low, round platform. The platform then extends and forms the coffee table. It’s a very simple and ingenious design that allows the room to feel warm and inviting. This room also has a small sofa facing a minimalist fireplace. More speakers are spread throughout the room and they have been placed near the sofa and coffee table so that the image is complete.

Living Room With A Minimalist Fireplace Photo 2

The living room is very bright and it has been organized around the fireplace. As you can see, the rest of the décor is white. It’s a color that creates a nice balance. Also, the fireplace has been placed in such a way that it gives players a chance to admire the image of the fireplace while lying in bed. Moreover, a large storage area has been created underneath the fireplace. It’s a great place for the TV and for the other decorations that might look nice in the room.{found on theselby}.