Road signs are a very beautiful decoration which can be installed anywhere in the house. They are particularly great in the garden because you can create a very beautiful décor with them. Of course, you would have to find a way to cover them up so you’d have to paint them.Road signs can be very fun to decorate as they come in several different sizes and color schemes.

Even though they are so beautiful personally, they might not be so easy to clean. Also, they are difficult to find in stores as well because of the price. A few easy to find alternative solutions however that would solve the problem.

Road Sign Decor For Home And Garden Photo 2

Some people prefer to paint the road signs themselves. There are quite a few such designs now but you can also opt for a form of graffiti. Although such a project is expensive I think you can do it out of need. Also, you can also paint a design on each sign. If you complete the project right, you will get a unique set of road signs. Amongst the elements that to be used for this project you will be pennant: white paint, painter’s tape, scrapbook paper and scissors.

The result is a very colorful street sign framed by a black and white ribbon. It’s a very artistic project. It’s something that both children and adults would love. Of course, not only the kids will enjoy it, but other spaces as well.{found on homedepot}