Ceiling designs are very common in most modern homes. They have become a beautiful expression of the overall décor and accent features. However, some ceiling designs are specific to specific rooms in the house. For example, the ceiling can have a simple and sleek shape and it can be made of wood or metal. There are also cases when the design is a little more eye-catching and dramatic.

In the kitchen, the ceiling can be made of paneled or painted. We’re talking about faux ceiling cabinets or painted ceiling beams. This technique was used for the kitchen in the case of the picture featured on liagriffith. Notice how the ceiling becomes a focal point, a piece of art that becomes almost invisible.

False Ceiling Designs That Let You Play With Geometry And Shape Photo 2

A false ceiling can also be an accent feature without being flashy or extreme. For example, this building has a simple wooden ceiling with a moderate gray color and a rather neutral texture. It’s featured in the kitchen where the ceiling and the walls have a nice pastel blue color.

Here’s another example of a simple ceiling that has been painted on a gray scale. It has a traditional design and it contrasts with the rest of the house but, at the same time, it fits nicely into the whole décor.

In the case of this vacation home, the bedroom could have been the most eye-catching space in the house until the walls were covered with solid gray mosaic tiles. Even though it’s small and narrow, the room stands out thanks to the gray ceiling and white walls.

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