Here’s an interesting idea for adding some color to your picture frames. If you just simply place the picture frames in front of the photos and put them in front of the window, this will give the frames a bad image that will ruin your mood. For this project all you need is a blank picture frame, some acrylic paint and brushes. First draw a circle on the frame and cut it with the scissors. Then put the pictures into the frame and wait for them to dry.

You can also decorate your pictures if you like. Use acrylic paint and a brush to create patterns and strokes and then apply them to the frame. You’ll need two coats of paint and drying spray. In case you run out of supplies, you can also improvise and use black paint instead. In case you run out, here’s the list of supplies you’ll need for this project: black paint, scissors, a round piece of piece of wood, some pictures, and a thick board (maybe hardboard?) which you can cut into the shape of a circle.

Empty Picture Frame Photo 2

Or you can try this project and draw some lines and circles to make a pattern on the frame. You’ll need to make lots of picture frames and to arrange them in a grid using masking tape (or whatever you prefer). Once you’re happy with the design you’re ready to attach the pictures to the frame. Once the frames are attached, you can also paint them.{found on decorhacks}.