Writer and producer Michael Parks came up with this small but simple and very inspiring small home office for his clients, himself and his wife. It’s a small place in West Vancouver, British Columbia with a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. The home office is actually a small guest house that was built on the property of the client’s parents. It was a project that was designed during months of planning and it was never built.

The tiny space was an opportunity for the architect to experiment with various ideas and to come up with new ways of approaching the space. It took him three years to complete this project. It might not be large, but it’s enough for the owner. This tiny home office has a reflective glass wall that conceals it from the public area. It also has reclaimed fishing wire for the attached sink.

Small Home Office By Michael Parks Photo 2

The space has a small wooden deck, a kitchen, a small bathroom and a sleeping area. The desk is placed under the swinging bed. The rest of the house is just as fun and relaxing as this place. There’s a small bar between the kitchen and the sleeping area and you can use it as a recreational area. The color palette is neutral and this gives the décor a casual feel.

Small Home Office By Michael Parks Photo 3