Bathrooms are always tricky. Most people prefer to have a wall-free space where they can just put their thoughts in order, relax, and enjoy the moment. There is one bathroom that is particularly hard to decorate because it is se an area with so much happening: the bathroom. People make the bathroom a very joyful place, and if it is well designed it can bring joy to the owner. Maybe you need a new bathroom design and you want to buy a big bathroom in order to make your life easier, but these days I would like to challenge your kids to a bathtub shooting and see what their fuss is about.

The design world is full of unexpected and unusual bathroom ideas, and this particular bathtub is a good point of reference. The bathtub is a large box that is meant to be the bathroom’s ‘super comfortable’, and once you see what it looks like you will never want to take it off. On the inside of this box is placed a shower enclosure, that is made of glass to be let the natural light in.

I did not want to make space for a tub in the bathroom, so I ended up placing mine on the spare bedroom floor, between the wet and fresh bathroom furniture. The spare bedroom floor is a large bathroom space with tiled floor, that is built with wooden cabinets and a simple system to cover the old and ugly floor and make it ‘tidy’. The tub we are buying for this purpose is a square in the bathroom, not a square in the bedroom, because I wanted to make this bathroom look light and clean, having a bathtub as a corian in the wall, looking like a spaceship.

Apartment Bathrooms With Sliding Doors Photo 4

This bathtub is made in Italy, but costs around $1,500. It is a very special bathtub, a kind of bathtub where you can see yourself being taken in by the sea, making one forget about all the problems, just a very quiet bath.