Most of the people prefer a minimalistic home, where they can feel like they are free and comfortable. In such cases the room theme helps them to relax and save energy for other activities. The Tamil Nadu Home Renovation Project helps in this way. It is a project which involves the use of selected affordable materials and craftsmanship for home improvement projects.The tiny Tamil Nadu home is characterized by the use of natural textures on materials such as jute, bamboo, canvas, rice paper and makassar.

The idea behind the project consists of functional, affordable and cheerful decorations using emoji.This way, the kids will feel closer to the Indian culture and will learn how to interact and cooperate with it.

Room Theme Ideas Photo 2

The design will encourage them to be clearer and more organized and it will allow the room to have a cheerful, high impact. The project also has other aspects that need some attention. It mentions that more space in the children’s room. The best solution would probably be to create a multifunctional, open space, with a playful atmosphere and a space where they can play and do different themed activities.