Neutral colors don’t have a very original characterization of being “neutral”; they are often misunderstood and seen as boring, or even unattractive. However, even the tiniest of bathrooms can benefit from a little “color drama”; go over the designers gallery to see stunning examples of this. If you’re curious about the look, the design starts with one important detail, in this case neutral curtain tiebacks (stripped around the bases of the curtain panels).

The curtain panels are then fixed in the position of the shower fixture and the default for the shower curtain (latent, in this case) is positioned at the same horizontal distance from the fixture as the trim. Then, in preparation of leaving the trim to flex horizontally, the trim is trimmed high enough so as to cushion the deep bathroom sun as much as possible and frame it as much of the actual shower as possible (e.g., lower toward the door and higher toward the shower).

Neutral Color Schemes For The Modern Bathroom Photo 2

Finally, the trim is finished off the shower by creating a double vertical border along one end, trimmed out the ceiling of nearby tiles, and painted the ceiling.

Neutral Color Schemes For The Modern Bathroom Photo 3

The end. The end of your curtain call to your designer, and it’s a good idea to consider several options for mirroring the look of your bathroom decor overall. You can mirror the shower curtain, you can mirror the shower door, you can create a new door for the shower, etc. Along the way, we hope you’ll be pleased to find this type of unique, no-frills bathroom decorating in your own home.