In an apartment, smaller is better. This is because small spaces are not only easier to decorate but also easier to maintain. This particular apartment seems to have it all. It’s a lovely small apartment with a black and white interior but with an overall modern and elegant look. One of the most beautiful and interesting features of this apartment is the living room which features large windows.

The windows are large throughout the apartment and they beautiful as they are. They let in lots of natural light and they make the apartment feel even larger than it already is. Besides that, the windows let in lots of beautiful colors.The apartment also has a terrace that acts as a buffer between the internal and external spaces. It’s a sheltered space with a peaceful view and a refreshing décor. The terrace is also an open space that can be used as an extension of the apartment into the bedroom or an additional living room.

The living area is a large space, a bright room and the focal point of the apartment is the black coffee table that can also be used as a dining table. It sits in front of the windows and it’s a beautiful decorations and accent piece. In the center of this space there’s a work area that has a bright white sofa and a simple and modern decor.

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The kitchen is a separate space. It features an industrial-style table with storage underneath. It’s a practical element that solves the storage problem. The rest of the room is decorated with shades of grey and blue. There’s also a small area with an ergonomic chair and a desk. It’s a space that can be sued either as a home office or as a guest room.

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