Even though it’s usually the patio or the terrace of the house that is the center of attention, that’s not always the case. The backyard could be just a garden or a good place where you can grow your plants, flowers or even trees but that’s not the whole list. The next time you make a patio or a porch your kid will be welcomed with a smile on your face and a space that has something special. Here are some great ideas that might help.

Paved squares

One of the easiest ways to make a patio or a terrace look interesting is by installing pavers or stones and creating a design with patterned paving. It can be a nice idea to use stones that have interesting shapes or colors or that are uneven. In this case some paving was used as a way to make the design become symmetrical. There are many different types of stones and they all have their own unique characteristics.

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You can also use large stones to create a more modern and sculptural look. This backyard also features a unique element: a wet bar in the outdoor kitchen. The kitchen island also has an interesting design. Its frame is made of wood, very simple and straight-forward but with this striking design accentuated through the edges and through the middle.

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A paved patio or patio is a more intimate area and it a perfect place for enjoying a quiet dinner or relaxing with friends or the entertainment of the rest of the house. A beautiful example of a patio with a beautiful outdoor dining area is offered by the Mercury, a residence designed by Silver Bears Design.

Also, a beautiful patio with a stone fireplace is the perfect setting for those relaxing moments. The magnificent tree canopies are just what the space needed to make it feel complete.

A fire pit can also be a nice option. You can sit down on the fire and relax. Even if you don’t want to go out and explore the area you can just relax in front of the fireplace or on the patio.

For those that prefer a more elegant décor, we have a beautiful collection of outdoor furniture, including beautiful sofas, armchairs and armchairs with elegant designs, perfect for outdoor spaces.

A lovely place to relax and enjoy the afternoon in can be found in the garden. The mid-century modern Sun sofa gets a modern twist and stands out with its simple and exquisite design.

The ground floor of the Santo Porella Residence features a beautiful outdoor sitting area/parfait area and the kitchen which is next to it. In between these spaces there’s a dining area. It’s a sheltered and intimate space with a modern chandelier and wooden furniture.

The upper level of the house offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. It includes two bedroom suites and a master suite, with a sitting area and direct access to the terrace and the garden.

The outdoor room feature a fireplace, play areas for the children and a lovely dining area with beautiful lighting. On the property there’s also a pool with plenty of space for swimming. It’s a serene and refreshing space decorated with beautiful grays, browns and tones of green.