Instead of wasting space in your home with furniture and fixtures that stack up, make the most of what you have by improving your bathroom wall decor. One area to consider is the use of wall art. Overhead lighting is an attractive and very functional way to decorate the bathroom, plus with the addition of mirrors and hanging plants which help to open up the space and bring life to the bathroom, there is no better way to make the room look more alive than with art in this room. Alternatively, there are occasions when the use of wall art can be an effective method to make the room appear livelier without occupying any valuable floor space.

The use of under-cabinet lighting is also an effective way to illuminate the bathroom, as one can tap into the areas above the sink and beneath the faucet. As the areas of the bathroom are not utilised, the reflection of the light coming from all directions is assured to create an interesting look; and the possibility of unhindered eye line over the bathroom floor can be minimized. To complete the look, select the size and color of the accessories.

Depending upon the style of your bathroom, the use of colour will vary. In a modern bathroom with concrete walls, you can select the strongest shade of the colour (red)) and match it with the shaker style of the bathtub and vanity. Similarly, if your bathroom is of a vintage style, select the biggest and hipper size of the colourful tiles (white) that will fit in with the style of the bathroom, and match them with the countertop.

As mentioned earlier, the use of wall art can range from paintings on the walls showcasing family memories, snaps of young children highlighting the size of the bathroom, or rhombuses, calligraphy, stencils, stencils, etc.

Lastly, remember that wall decorating can provide more than just wall art to enhance the look of the bathroom; it can also be of practicality to the user of the bathroom. Consider drawing towards the usage of wall space above the toilet, which can be used for storing the toiletries, and hanging small photographs and other representations of family members every possible time.

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