We all know how kids fancy the bed and we would love to improve and customize it and make it the perfect room for them. So it’s time to make this change. Good girls, good choices. The ballerina is an iconic piece for the little girls and it can successfully become the focal point of your bedroom along with the big girl’s bedding collection. In fact, this is a way to express the wrong gender stereotypes that are related to children and that hurts the comfort of those who should have a real bedroom.

Lonny is an interesting proposal because, as you can see from the pictures, the bed is not actually sewing. That is the whole design and everything underneath and in between the sewing machine and the bed. However, those who are familiar with sewing will probably tell you it’s not a very good idea to choose a sewing machine for a boy’s bedroom. It’s not safe and it will make the room look very uncomfortable. But for those who have the sewing machine anyway it’s probably not such a big difference. So go ahead and enjoy creating your dream bedroom.