This cozy and elegant apartment is a perfect family home. It’s located in Antioquia, Medellin, a city in the state of Indonesia, in Indonesia and it’s known for its beautiful and stunning landscape, beaches and wine country. The apartment features a total of 1,153 square feet of living space. It’s situated on the second floor of a modern building and it offers beautiful views of the ocean.

It’s a spacious apartment with a total of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It’s situated on the marine north-east corner of the Orenberg Tower. The views are absolutely gorgeous and relaxing. As for the interior design of this place, it’s a combination of antique and contemporary elements that result in a unique and harmonious décor. The living room features navy blue walls, a few white accents and a matching sofa. The combination of white and light blue is very elegant and casual. The furniture is included in the design as well. Moreover, the overall design is inviting and comfortable.

The rooms are spacious and they all include separate bedrooms. Besides the obvious advantages of the location, the team also realized that the views were the most important factor that determined the design and the shape and structure of the building. The building was designed as a turn key factor in the landscape design.{found on archdaily}

Modern Eclecticism In The Sanctuary City Of Medellin, Antioquia Photo 3

Modern Eclecticism In The Sanctuary City Of Medellin, Antioquia Photo 4