When decorating a boy’s room it’s interesting how the colors used are chosen. It’s not always the case. Most of the times, the best choice is white. It’s a neutral and, in most of the cases, it’s a neutral with a few small colorful accents that break the monotony. But other colors are also a great choice. They can be either cool shades of blue or red or, in this case, yellow or brown.


In case you’re worried the boy’s room will be too fun and too colorful, remember that colors are usually associated with one of the most boring activities of the day, unless it’s in a real sense. So consider red as your best color for the boy’s room. It can either be a bright tone of red or it can be a tone of brown or it can be a combination of both.


Brown is a neutral and it’s also an elegant color. It looks natural in a lot of cases and it’s not difficult to match it with other shades. Brown is also a warm and comfortable color and it makes a nice choice for the boy’s room. For example, you can opt for brown wood paneling for the desk or chair.

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Blue is a refreshing shade and a great accent color. It’s the perfect shade for summer family homes. A blue room is usually accompanied by white elements such as the shades of blue for the wall or for the furniture. There’s usually also a white rug, maybe some white bedding, maybe a white painting or simply a white framed picture.


A purple room is usually a feminine décor but it can also be a masculine décor. It’s simple and has a sophisticated look. It’s usually distinguished from the other colors using similar shades. Purple covers one’s ceiling and it’s a rich color that can also be used in the bedroom.


It’s possible for a pink bedroom to be serene, calm and relaxing. In this case, a light blue theme would be a perfect choice. In addition, the room could also use red for some accent details. A fluffy carpet would make the room feel warm and cozy. Ballet is a popular choice because it’s easy to clean and it also has a feminine feel.


Olive is a warm, delicious color. It’s also an elegant color that always adds elegance to a room. It’s not High-maintenance so you can use it for the furniture and other accessories and the walls, not necessarily. Olive is also an natural, warm color and you can use it in the bedroom and the living room without any problems.


Newsletter is one of the most versatile colors. It can be paired with all sorts of colors and almost any other color you want. In this case, it looks best when used as an accent color. You can have the piece of furniture painted in a different shade or the area rug and you can also include some bedding with warm colors, maybe some artwork or flowers.

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