For those who are interested in adding some color and beauty to their living room and even the bedroom, we have a special piece of furniture that might be just what you were looking for. That would be the Cable Knit Rug. With a stylish design and a raspberry-colored soft veranda, the Cable Knit Rug would make a wonderful addition.

The rug is handcrafted from quality cotton and it’s hand-loosely woven into the rugs. Because of the technique used to create the rugs, each rug is unique and has its own characteristics. This means you can be sure that each rug will one in exactly the way it looks in your home. Also, because cotton absorbs water more than wool, the rug would best serve you with a dry area. In terms of texture, the rug is similar to a woven rug. It has a texture that’s very soft and cozy.

Cable Knit Rug With Floral Embroidery Photo 3

The rug can be bought at the price of $399. It’s a great option for the living room or for the bedroom. It would also make a beautiful addition to the guest room.It’s a lovely accessory for the living room that is usually quite the inconvenient. It’s not the most pleasant environment to sleep in nor is it night-resistant. Still, it’s not the worst choice either. The rug is machine washable and it comes in 2 sizes.