Cats are a very playful and colorful pet. They love to run after you like a lot of other animals like hopping on stilts or climbing on tables. They enjoy sitting near you watching you or just curious to explore your home. They also like to sleep in a protected area than you would like them to have. So they often make attempts to climb on things or even to climb the walls. There are even stories about them like in the “Schwarz County” story for example.

If you want your cat or dog to be more active and happy, a spindly area is the best choice. It’s completely open where it belongs and it’s also an area where they can climb or hide. Most of the time they like to explore the surroundings. They usually find a spot and repeat it until they find the perfect spot.

This little solution that the cats usually enjoy is called an Ark. It’s not as fun as a cave or a meteor but somewhere similar.The Ark is a small room inside which they can hide during the day and then climb all the way to the top where they usually find the perfect spot.

Killing Ants By Studio Cato Sturrock Architects Photo 3

This is also an area of the house where they can climb on the walls. The rooms inside the Ark are arranged in a spiral around a central pillar. This is like a small safe where they can hide during the day and then climb all the way to the top to sleep. It’s a type of tunnel and it resembles the shelters most often found in arctic regions.

This one is also a leaf tunnel. It’s a space that can be found upstairs and which has d-side shelter from snow. It can be accessed via a ladder and it has a glass wall that lets you see through. The shelter has a geothermal heat pump and the interior is insulated with two layers of polycarbonate. The upper floor is an open space with connections to a variety of outdoor spaces.{found on site}.