If you’re looking for an unusual piece of wall art for your home, you should take a look at the new modern hook by Polish designer Michal Nowak.

Acting as simple shelves, hooks are a versatile solution for a lack of wall space. The new hook has a dynamic design that will set a modern tone in your room. Although the design is minimalist, the hooks attract all attention towards them. They come in two variations: on-frame with screw-in extenders of two different sizes; and wall-mount with shoe rack.

Modern wall hooks can improve a room’s look and become more interesting and attractive. They are great solutions for getting a new look, but also for saving space. Certain hook design is already present in our homes and it’s something simple that can change the aspect quite a fast. I’m sure the designers of this piece saw some similar solutions for the stores and came up with a better one.

Modern Wall Hooks By Michal Nowak Photo 3