The “Becoming Manuella” house is a visualized by the creative team at Architecto Curiosa, located in Puebla, Mexico. The home gymnasium is designed for a busy urban family whose lifestyle is both physical and embodied by the home. The main goal of the designers was to create a space where all the essential activities of a daily family life would manifest themselves around the house, around the gymnasium and its various green areas.

Upon entering the house, one is greeted with a large mat overlooking the swimming pool and living room. The volume is broken down by two wooden volumes, parallel with each other, thus giving the sense of a single space. All the areas around the house have visual and ethereal links with the green areas, making the infinity pool the perfect setting to take in the sunset.

Simple Home Gym Designed For A Busy Urban Family Photo 2

The glazed parts of the house, which face the main facade, are protected from the approach by a long concrete barrier, which can be opened with the touch of a button. In this way, the patio is simultaneously enclosed and connected to the house.

Simple Home Gym Designed For A Busy Urban Family Photo 3

From the entrance, at the ground floor, the hallway connects all the rooms of the house. As the house is distributed over three floors, this hallway is all white and has a huge opening that lets natural light come in all day long from the living room and kitchen.

The hallway opens onto an L-shaped terrace with views of the façade and the swimming pool. Besides here, it establishes a strong and natural and continuous relationship between the interior and the exterior of the house.

On the second floor, in addition to the glazed façade, we have concrete horizontal planes which register the various visual fields of the house and integrate them to the interior design. As a way to increase privacy, similar to the patio in the main floor, the vertical planes darken the interior while its horizontal and vertical elements extend the house beyond its limits.

An altar to the Angel Mother welcomes those that wish to live tranquil and relaxing moments in the home before the start of the daily routine or the end of the week.

The decision to use natural and environmentally friendly materials was entirely justified when the energy demand is high and the ventilation used has to be an overflowing respect of building performance regulations.

From the study area that needs to be calm and quiet, narrow glass panel in the floor draws natural sunlight along the sheltering vertical lines that surround it.

Even the main entrance to the house is not totally obscured. In fact, the only bit noticeable is its floating wooden swing that encloses the front facade of the building.

The only noticeable element is the big metallic stocking that indicates the status of the house, its place being in the shadow of the steep hill.

It is a testament to the power of the man and the woman and their great passion for architecture, even if from a purely utilitarian standpoint.