What can be more relaxing than having a cold drink in your window after some sun relaxing? Of course, at a certain point you may feel the same way and you may even better see the sun rise and set in the mountains, but sometimes you just feel the need to go outside, go for a walk and take a bag of chips in a restaurant and enjoy the beautiful view.

Perhaps the best place to go to if you feel such a calm atmosphere is at the mountains. Here you have the perfect opportunity to bring a piece of nature in your home, too. You may choose the type of rug that you want to decorate your house with, in order to bring the freshness and warmth that nature can so nice and peaceful.

EgeCarpets are a collection of modular carpets which imitate the dense and huge pile of earth.These high quality carpets are very resistant, durable and fine tuned so that you can enjoy them the whole year. Their modern design and colors make of them a great decorative element for your home and they represent the peace that dominates all natural décors.

Dining Table Carpet By EgeCarpets Photo 4