Stainless steel is so hard to keep clean and it’s especially hard to keep after spending a lot of time and effort cleaning. There are lots of cleaning products that can help you, but with regular old tile it’s just not enough. So if you want to keep your walls clean and shiny, you have to fructure a special cleaning product or to use special cleaning products. This is the most expensive kind of cleaning products and very often people buy some products that are really expensive.

So the most important thing is to simply clean it and please always make sure that you look for the most expensive cleaning products that are always good and do a lot of research. Otherwise you will have no clue what you need in the cosmetic aisle and you’ll just pay more and never find what you need. And in case that’s not enough, you might want to try and ask someone at the counter if they can help. They will surely be helpful, so you can respect their advice and they will only help you with this difficult task.

This is actually the easiest way. You will need to purchase either a cabinet of cabinet door containing stainless steel stripes or a special cleaning product with pigments (water, microwave or mild steel) that can be either found in the market or can be bought from any hardware store. When you want to apply the stripes, you need to flip them over. After that you can use your special cleaning product or use a sponge brush to apply the stripes.

Striped Wall Tiles By XTC Tile Photo 3

Depending of the size of the tiles you want to apply, you must decide how big you want them to be. Also you must decide on the color of the stripes and the size of the brushes. When you paint a mixture of colors on the tiles, always make sure you bring in enough water to make it look melodious.

The technique is easy and the effects are great. Besides the fact that the polished surface is going to be the instant focal point of your bathroom, the tiles will also have a great impact on the overall design of the bathroom.{pics from Cie-Wine}.