Could you imagine a more relaxing bath than those soaking down into a warm ocean after a day of work. The vessel sink is designed by Rapsel and it is made of 100% stainless steel. No other coating is added or used within this sink, so it shows off its minimalist picture perfect.

I know I might be exaggerating, but this vessel sink looks like it is dyed in the same colour as the kitchen counter top. So it is very much matching. It is so simple and easy to match to anything you might have in your house. Even the design is very simple, yet it draws attention and is beautiful. It is a luxury product and it shows virtue and purity.

I know, but I can’t help thinking that way too. And I also know that if you really want to have a good bathroom, you should buy more toilet bowls because your bathroom is not complete without one. So why should we have all kind of useless things in the bathroom, anyway? Anyway, the design is actually great and the plastic and stainless steel make it look very modern and sophisticated, the piece of work is high quality and so is the original idea.