In a home décor, the most important detail is probably the furniture. It’s the one that gets to look and feel beautiful, comfortable and inviting. The designers usually focus on these characteristics and try to come up with features that make the chairs look and feel comfortable without disturbing the overall décor and this is always a challenge.

So let’s see how other people have tried to solve this problem and failed. This chair, for example, offers a very interesting idea. It’s a chair that has a woven seat. It’s a modern creation created by Patricia Urquiola who came up with this unusual material after investigating how the weaving can be facilitated in order to create a unique and intriguing piece of furniture. She created an original smoking chair. It’s definitely not something you would expect to see in any home. Here’s why this chair is so special: there’s a very strong connection between the seat and the weave.

When you look at this chair, you can see that the whole structure is definitely unusual. The chair is very close to being traditional. However, unlike the typical designs, this one has an unexpected feature: it’s covered in fabric. There an is a very strong connection between the shape of the chair and the material its made of. The chair is thus a contradiction, but also a very nice choice for a modern living or lounge space or for any other relaxation area.

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