The idea behind the design of this unique banquette seating unit was to create an outdoor lounge environment which can be used on a variety of days, depending on the weather conditions and the space available.

The area is around a large wood table complemented by four chairs and it has a casual and modern look. Such an environment allows comfort and unique pieces of furniture to be used. The banquette seating unit was designed by Joseph Walsh and it’s 100% cotton and lasts for 150 days. It has a simple design with a rectangular shape and a casual look. It has a brickwork construction and it’s both stylish and comfortable.

The banquette unit has a wooden construction, hence the name. It’s simple and versatile and it can be used as an outdoor sitting unit or as an accessory for the garden or terrace, where there’s no need to bring furniture indoors. The banquette features an aluminum frame and it comes in white. The couch is covered with sunbrella fabric and it has a white and red powder-coated steel base. It’s complemented by accent cushions featuring refreshing colors.

Banquet Seating Unit By Joseph Walsh Photo 3

This is actually a very versatile piece of furniture which can also be used indoors given its design and the fact that it comes in a colorful and fun color. The design is friendly and casual and the sofa is large enough to accommodate a couple of chairs and ottomans.

The banquette is made of hardwood/riser and it has a heavier look and a more robust look. It’s the type of furniture that would fit nicely in a modern or a contemporary living room. It has a powder-coated steel frame and it comes in white.