Some of the most interesting parties seem to have nothing to do with the actual party, but rather about the fact that everyone has their own little “cente” or “village” ready to ring the bell. Naturally, the first party also includes a lot of details like the drink, the food, the announcements, invitations, gifts etc. At this party, people will have a personal and intimate relationship with each other and this usually respect is more important that the friendship shown at such events.

A great way to make sure all the details are done properly is to see this as an opportunity for people to be unfriendly and each guest will do something to please the others. For the Valentine’s Day party, a great idea is to make a chess table. This way, each person can show what they are offering and win if it is a chocolate or a drink. I find this type of decoration very attractive and a little more suitable for a grown-up party, than a chocolate siqve seat.

This custom-made table that you see in the pictures is used to cater to the height of 5-6 persons and it is made of rice paper, cut into three piece and then applassed with the same design of rice paper. Its edges are decorated with each color of the rainbow, thus creating a spectacular play of colors and shadows. You can also see the other parts of this tables and seat and many other interesting views of the surroundings and the sea.