Nowadays most of our homes are minimalist. We never cease to surprise and deceive with our simplicity and lack of diverse and coherent architectural sources. The lack of distinguishing features and decorative elements allowed by modern architecture has provoked people to conceptualize everything in new and unique ways and the continuous furniture has become a common theme these days.

A beautiful dining table was a once uncommon requirement. Nowadays everybody can have their own unique dining table. The Norwegian designer gaurit Angellisson thought of that and designed Basden, a dining table that resembles the first letter of the alphabet. It is a special dining table that has the shape of letter of the alphabet, the letter of the number four and the last letter of the number one. Its legs, the horizontal support, square and oval elements and square lamps complete the modern and original décor and make of it a wonderful combination of colors and textures.

Bjork: the symbol of peace and stability, this dining table is an expression of its owner’s character, a person who does not believe in anything outside the white and dull world. It is a spacious table, designed to accommodate up to 14 persons. If we think about its legs and the shape of the round light bulb it seems to be perfect for any modern and fresh dining room.

Scandinavian Dining Table By Gaurit Photo 3

Wood: the material of choice, here it is a material that stands out, rough and natural, perfect for a dining table that needs to stand out once more. It is a wonderful symbol of durability, for the family of dog who needs a solid wood table.

Scandinavian Dining Table By Gaurit Photo 4

There is also a fourth distinctive wood that catches the eye, more like a trophy than a dining table. José Hatos is an artist who focuses on using modern materials in order to show the natural form of things.Whether it is its legs, the wood or the glass or all of them the same, it definitely has something that makes you appreciate its rusticity and uniqueness.

Scandinavian Dining Table By Gaurit Photo 5