I envy the British people for their great design and culture. They are so well known for being different and for different things , among which blankets, dishes, glasses, tables and chairs. For example their homes are so well arranged that you will see a couch as an equivalent of a rug and be amazed by its design and look. For example this beautiful Murphy couch from Egean is the perfect home.

First of all it is made of beautifully woven margins and fine, clean, white, leather finish, which makes it stylish and elegant in a same time. It is simple and roomy and made in the UK. It is available in two sizes and its price starts at £1,290. It is perfect for a spacious living room in the living room or in any other like a public area or even a private one.

You can use it to watch your favorite shows in a comfortable and good looking way, to snuggle in for a good evening or to take a nap. It is not the type of couch that you would see in a crowded room and even if it is an impressive and stylish piece of furniture, it still can be a bit distracting so that would make a very bad interior design. However it is perfect for a small living room it is only its sofa. And I guess you can find a place for it even in a tiny balcony.