Jean-Marie Massaud recently launched a new range of unique wall dividers that will help keep even buffier surfaces architecturally clutter-free.

The innovative and modular nature of this new wall separator makes it ideal for the modern homes where simple straight lines and right angles rule. It also makes sense in the contemporary space that’s often related to functional adaptability. The Diva wall separator is not only a decor piece – its multifunctional use makes it ideal for a number of applications, including a bedroom, hallways, dining rooms, closets, and more.

Wall Separator By Jean-Marie Massaud Photo 2

The Diva wall separator is made of coated foam that is easily removable and stapled to the wall for secure mounting. Its slim design makes it perfect for any number of spaces, especially smaller bedrooms, and the superb finish is a wonderful plus.

Stainless steel wire is the materials of choice for the Diva wall dividers, and stainless steel wire is the perfect choice for the clean, modern aesthetic of the divider. The three pieces come with a mount for the divider arm of the unit, which does not require any hardware to operate.

The Diva wall divider is available in black, bronze, nickel, and blackened steel finish and sells for $3,250.