Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to interior designs. People often know what they want but they are having trouble finding it. And sometimes they have no idea what they want and they just make their decisions on the spot. So in this case some extra help is always welcomed. We present you a few options to choose from or to be inspired by.

Choosing paint colors for the house is one of the first steps. If you don’t want to be boring you can also go for a nice, bold, colorful mix. Te color wheel house is a contemporary residence located in Taipei, Taiwan and designed by JC Architecture and Interior Design. The building has a minimalist, modern look.

The owners requested a bright interior design and they wanted the house to have a continuous feel throughout. They wanted the interior design to be continuous and to have a cohesive look. The roof has a continuous shape and the walls have different heights. The windows are small but they provide nice views and they let lots of natural light get inside.

Taupe Color Wheel House Photo 3

There are several areas that are connected by a glass bridge. One of them is the family room. It’s a relatively small area and it has a modern interior design. The main purpose is to reinforce the visual continuity of the house. Overall, the house features a minimalist interior design with neutral colors complemented by some colorful elements that can be seen in the décor and even in the accessories. The natural wood adds warmth and texture to the whole décor.