How nice would it be to just sit in your sofa and watch TV or read a book ? Who wouldn’t want that happen, especially when you have a TV in your hand? Of course, for those who don’t have that much space to spare for a TV set and a book, the Persian Nights sofa provides the perfect seating arrangement. The collection of ‘Sarazza’s seating units, called the “Bar”, offers many advantages. First, the pieces are very easy to make and affordable. They can be easily upholstered without using fabric or leather.

Then, they are very comfortable and they are easy to clean. Also, because of their low-profile they would fit perfectly in the corner of a room. Finally, they are great for families with children because they are high chairs without losing any space in the house. Because the sofa has a rounded shape and a soft cushion, the area around it becomes a convenient space for play. Just find a quiet spot and let the kids sit, rest or watch TV. It’s all about being creative and finding out a way to combine good looks with quality materials.