Blue is a strong color, often resembling a blue sky or the color of the clear blue water of a lake or ocean. So if you want to create a relaxing and peaceful ambiance in your home or even to satisfy your children’ s need for a great place to play or for other relaxing activities, don’t think of blue. Blue may be too strong for a room dedicated mainly to children, but for something more adventurous and fun, it is the perfect color.

Carlo Pieranto Dononi is a designer that specializes in the creation of eclectic interior designs based on pure classical forms and textures.The collection includes a large range of pieces which include chairs, armchairs, tables, night stands, mirrors, side tables and even some lovely little beds.

Blue Kitchen Islands By Carlo Pieranto Dononi Photo 2

The creations are more than just some playful pieces of furniture. They are elegant pieces f useful. By the way, I don’t know if you’re ready for a change, but I guess you’ll like the design. What you get to do is basically give your home a great vintage look with this collection.