Can you imagine how annoying it would be to have to keep your wine corks in a drawer or maybe displayed on a shelf or under the sofa? Wouldn’t it be better to have a place to store them, somewhere close to you but where you can’t forget to bring them out (well, it would be really annoying to do that but it would be too late and then you’ll regret it later). Well, there’s a solution for everything. It’s called the Corkboard Diy Board and it’s a very practical and functional storage solution.

When you no longer need the wine corks, you can just put them somewhere in a friendly place like on the desk, on the shelf or on the dresser. They’re easy to place and they’re also quite good-looking. They match with the neutral wall color and they’re very versatile. The table top that you can use to store the wine corks can also be used for the same purposes. It’s a nice hobby or craft project and you can be very creative when it comes to it. All you need is an old table, some screws and paint.